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‘testicular’ – (adjective) marked by a large degree of bollocks; the quality of being full of bollocks. eg – the Chancellor gave a detailed but extremely testicular explanation for why the economy was failing so badly.

‘to testiculate’ – (intransitive verb) the action of waving your arms about while talking bollocks at the same time. eg – the Prime Minister testiculated wildly while answering the question.

‘testicularisation’ – (uncountable noun) the process of becoming full of bollocks; the action of changing something into a load of bollocks. eg – the government was responsible for a massive testicularisation of discussion over its most controversial policies.

Lady Warsi Warns of Militant Testicularisation in British Society

Lady Warsi, the Conservative Party chairwoman, is to warn of what she calls the “militant testicularisation” of society and propose honesty is given a central role in public life when she leads a high-level government delegation on an official visit to the pope.

In a speech on Tuesday she will say:

My fear is that, today, militant testicularisation is taking hold in our society. We see it in a number of things: when signs of integrity cannot be displayed in government buildings, and where sincerity is sidelined and downgraded in the public sphere.

During the visit to the Vatican, Lady Warsi will stress she is also calling for a more explicit role for religion to promote truthfulness and candour in public life:

We need to give honesty a seat at the table in public life and religion should be leading the way. Intolerant testicularisation needs to be held back by telling the truth, as difficult as it may be for a lot of people in positions of power. Especially when it comes to child abuse by priests………..


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