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Rich families in Britain could be given tax breaks for hiring poor people as domestic cleaners and cooks to help with household chores, under a scheme to be considered by ministers.

The government believe the proposal could save well-off families thousands of pounds a year in fees for domestic help, and along with savage cuts in benefits to poorer families would encourage more impoverished women to return to work after having children in order to avoid starvation.

It would also act to starve out a large number of foreign immigrant workers, whose jobs scrubbing and cleaning for the rich would be taken by hard-up British citizens.


The policy is the latest suggestion by ministers for boosting employment rates of women with young children, a key group of voters who the government hopes are getting so desperate under current coalition measures to make ends meet they would consider doing anything to feed their children. A government spokesperson explained:

What with the success of Downton Abbey and the return of Upstairs Downstairs, we’re certain many impoverished mothers would gladly jump at a chance to dress up as maids and wait hand on foot on people with money – like us.

Last night, Labour said of the latest proposals:

This demonstrates how out of touch David Cameron is about the pressures facing women in this country. He is suggesting tax breaks for people who can afford domestic workers at the same time as he is cutting tax credits for working parents and removing child benefit from squeezed families.

Is this what he means when he says we are all in it together?


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