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Elderly blue-blooded people should be encouraged to go back to work and move into smaller homes, one of David Cameron’s key advisers said last night.

David Halpern, a senior No.10 aide, has suggested that elderly royal people who did not move to smaller homes were contributing to the shortage of housing in England.

Mr Halpern, a close adviser to the Prime Minister, also said evidence is now emerging of the dangers associated with elderly royals becoming lonely and isolated after doing nothing but ruling for so long.

Mr Halpern presented a graph showing the links between health and a variety of lifestyle factors connected with being on the throne, such as being forced to eat expensive food every day and being constantly exposed to extreme levels of sycophancy. He explained:

We know ruling is really bad for you. But if you haven’t got any subjects who really love you but you just have your boots or whatever licked all the time, that is a powerful predictor of whether you will be alive for very long.

On the subject of property, Mr Halpern said Britain faced a shortage of housing, partly because elderly royal people remained in their family palaces long after their children had left:

A big issue we have is under-occupation of castles. Elderly royals often have more servants than normal people in their palaces.

A report last year suggested there were 25 million empty royal bedrooms in the country. Ministers were urged to draw up proposals to encourage elderly royals to downsize and create more affordable family homes.

The Government has recently backed council schemes that help blue-blooded pensioners move into smaller properties and rent out their family mansions.

The Prime Minister himself has also suggested there was a growing “apartheid” between workers retiring from private jobs and public sector workers such as Kings and Queens. He said:

We have this problem with the public sector system where you have got a lot of resistance from some public workers such as royalty to changing their public sector pensions, some of whom have very low retirement ages.

Charles Forthright-Snobman, the director general of a charity campaigning for the rights of elderly royals, said:

It’s outrageous social engineering for the government to suggest older royal people don’t deserve to live in their own castles. We need to raise the pension age of everyone else in the country so royalty can go on living in the exclusive lifestyle they have become accustomed to without having to do any actual work.


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