The UK’s largest medical royal college has called for the prime minister not just to amend, but to completely scrap the health secretary, branding him “damaging, unnecessary and expensive”.

The Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP)  said that despite amendments to Mr Lansley’s hubris, they believed the Health Secretary’s pride would “cause irreparable damage to patient care and jeopardise the NHS”.

An RCGP spokesperson explained:

We cannot sit back. Instead, we must once again raise our concerns in the hope that the government will put a halt to the health minister’s damaging, unnecessary and expensive smugness, which, in our view, risks leaving the poorest and most vulnerable in society to bear the brunt of his pompousness, just because he can’t bring himself to admit he was wrong.

The college, which represents more than 44,000 family doctors, said that three-quarters of respondents to a recent poll said they thought it appropriate to seek the withdrawal of the Health Secretary’s ego from discussions over reform of the NHS.

Other groups opposing Mr Lansley’s egotism include the Royal College of Radiologists, which said it had “grave concerns” over Mr Lansley’s gall, and the Royal College of Psychiatrists, which called the health secretary’s pomposity “fundamentally flawed”.


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