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Former energy secretary Chris Huhne claimed today his downfall was an attempt to teach his fellow Liberal Democrats that betraying your most loyal supporters by lying and cheating on them doesn’t pay in the long run.

The Liberal Democrat MP for Eastleigh resigned his ministerial position after the police announced he would face prosecution over claims his ex-wife took his speeding points on her licence in 2003. At the time Mr Huhne was cheating on his wife of 27 years with a young female researcher, a betrayal of his wife’s loyalty which he then compounded by divorcing her.

Mr Huhne defended his actions by claiming he was simply trying to show his fellow Liberal Democrats that betraying your most loyal supporters by ignoring everything they voted for was bad policy and would end up being politically disastrous to the party.

In a statement, Mr Huhne explained:

I only decided to persuade my wife to lie to the police and pervert the course of justice while all the time I was shagging someone else behind her back in order to show my fellow Liberal Democrats that lying, cheating and betraying our loyal supporters is a really, really bad idea. Everything I did was for the good of the party. Honest.

In support of Mr Huhne’s explanation, political pundits have confirmed that the Liberal Democrat leadership’s policy of ignoring the many loyal supporters who voted for the party at the last election in order to maintain a close relationship with the Tories could well lead to a similar downfall at the next election for the party as a whole as Mr Huhne has had to endure today.

Mr Huhne’s ex-wife has revealed that her ex-husband told her of his affair and that their marriage was over during the half-time break of a televised World Cup match.

With the Liberal Democrats consistently polling less than 10% in opinion polls, pundits expect the electorate to give just as much consideration to Mr Huhne’s party as he gave to his ex-wife by unceremoniously dumping them out of parliament at the next election.


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