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Believe it or not, this is not satire.

A Christian group has attributed Tesco’s recent sales slump over the Christmas period to divine intervention after the company’s decision to sponsor a Gay Pride event.

He must be pretty mad with Tesco’s because the slump reportedly lost the company 5 billion.

Strange then that he doesn’t seem all that bothered about all of these companies who used forced labour in Nazi concentration camps and are thriving today.

And these, including Kellogg’s, Bayer and Siemens who were involved in the holocaust.

And what about these companies who use child labour, including Coca-Cola, McDonald’s and Disney, they all seem to be doing pretty well. Has He forgotten about them?

Oh and He seems to have overlooked these companies who have made millions in profits from war.

It’s also funny He hasn’t got round to doing anything about these companies, ranked the 12 most unethical in the world.

Of course I could go on but I’m already needing some theological guidance here.

Why does He find the time to ruin Tesco’s Big Price Drop promotion but not have the time to do something about these other companies?

Is He a secret Sainsbury’s fan?

Or what?


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