The leader of the English Defence League has denied he knew a man who asked to be photographed with him was a well-known right-wing extremist broadcaster famous for making racist jokes and offensive comments about immigrants.

EDL leader Tommy Robinson said he had no idea the man with him in the picture was Jeremy Clarkson and said he would never have agreed to be photographed with him if he had known who he was. In a statement, Mr Robinson said:

I’m sorry but I’d like to make it clear that just because I agreed to be photographed with this madman in no way means I agree with his extremist views or condone his outrageous statements.

The photograph – published below – shows a smiling Mr Robinson, on the left,  standing next to the sinister looking representative of a radical political organisation known as the ‘BBC‘.

A spokesperson for the ‘BBC’, which is openly supportive of extremist right-wing ideologies, put out a statement, saying:

The BBC makes no apologies for supporting policies which put the rights of British TV presenters first and will continue to provide a public platform for the views of the radical right in Britain, such as Mr Clarkeson’s. However, in line with our public broadcasting licence, we are always willing to listen with a completely unbiased ear to any loony-lefty, anti-government, Miliband-loving, treasonous criticism of us, whatever it may be.


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