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Doctors suspect that the Prime Minister David Cameron, may be suffering from a little-known medical disorder known by experts as ‘Tory’ Syndrome, a disease characterised by knee-jerk populist reactions to problems, right-wing tics and highly offensive verbal outbursts against those worse off than they are.

There is no known cure for the illness, although it is thought the disorder may be spread by contact with a deadly bacteria known as Ruperteria Murdochoccus and can also be made worse by excessive exposure to the Sun. Some experts believe it could also be picked up and passed from person to person by unprotected handling of the Mail.

However, experts believe Mr Cameron may only be one of many in the public eye, especially in the field of politics, who suffer from the disorder. As one medical expert explained:

Although it is known there are many people from all fields of life who suffer from the syndrome, politics seems to be the profession which attracts the most sufferers. You only have to look at the government front-benches to see it is full of involuntary knee-jerk reactions and offensive outbursts, especially at Prime Minister’s Question Time.

Other famous sufferers are said to include the TV presenter, Jeremy Clarkson, who is well know for his uncontrollable racist and offensive outbursts, even on television. A spokesperson for the BBC explained this is why he has never been sacked for his on-air verbal tantrums:

As an equal opportunities employer, the BBC is sensitive to the needs of disabled people like Jeremy Clarkson that’s why we are willing to forgive him constantly making moronic, immature, idiotic schoolboy jokes when he’s on air. It’s got absolutely nothing to do with the fact that he’s a friend and next-door neighbour of the Prime Minister who keeps threatening to take away our TV licence fee and hand it over to Murdoch instead. No it hasn’t. Really.


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