The following is not satire …. it’s all true.

Prize pillock Brian Coleman, a senior member of Boris Johnson’s administration and one of Britain’s highest paid councillors, has told a single mother facing eviction who asked for his advice to “live in the real world”.

Coleman, a leading Barnet councillor, is paid more than £120K pa but still has managed to find himself a cosy Finchley Methodist Church Housing Association Flat for which he pays around just £540 a month.

And last year, the scrounging, lazy, incompetent arsehole claimed, and got, £3,500 of taxpayers’ money in expenses for journeys that included ferrying his mother to events in cabs.

Yet he was hypocritical enough to tell a single mother who asked for his advice after her private landlord increased the rent for her home from £950 to £1,100 that people like her should “live in the real world …. rather than expecting ‘the system’ to sort their lives out…..”

He also revealed in his reply that he hadn’t even been bothered to read her email as he ‘advised’ her to get accommodation in the private sector even though she was already renting ….. in the private sector.

Read the whole story here and here – and see if you can get to the end of the articles without coming to the same conclusion as me about Mr Coleman.

Namely that he’s a complete knobhead.

So who fancies explaining to this prick about what it’s like for real people living in the real world who don’t have cosy jobs doing sweet FA for the rate payers who pay his enormous salary?

Let’s swamp Coleman with emails telling him about what it’s like to live in the real world.

Here’s his email address:


And here’s Boris Johnson’s, his mate:


Here’s a sample email you can use. Or make one up yourself and post it in the comments section so others can see it and use it. I’m sure some of you can come up with much better versions than mine:

Dear Mr Coleman,

Let me explain to you about the real world you seem to think you know so much about.

In the real world, most people in this country don’t earn anywhere near 120,000 a year for doing next to nothing. In the real world, most people don’t scrounge off the tax payer claiming expenses for doing nothing to help the people you were supposed to be elected to help. In the real world, most people have to scrape a living and get by on next to nothing or very little.

That’s the real world.

I sincerely hope in future elections, the voters of London give you a taste of real life in the real world by turfing you out of your cosy ‘job’ so you have to scrape a real living trying to make ends meet  – just like the rest of us have to.

Yours in disgust,

A member of the real world.


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