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Nick Clegg has marked an extraordinary year in his party’s fortunes under his leadership by celebrating the Liberal Democrats finally managing to break out of their traditional position as the UK’s third largest party to become the country’s 4th or even 5th largest party instead.

In politics, most people talk about the difficulties of breaking through glass ceilings but we’ve turned the metaphor on its head by showing that, despite the very thin ice we’re skating on, we are on the brink of achieving an historic breakthrough.

When asked why he thought breaking through thin ice into the cold dark depths of political oblivion below would be a good thing, the Liberal Democrat leader replied:

What do I care? I’m a Tory anyway.

In his triumphant speech, Mr Clegg also listed the successes the party has achieved in 2011 under his leadership. They include:

In a reply to the Deputy Prime Minister’s speech, a party communique representing Liberal Democrat grass roots opinion expressed their gratitude for how quickly Mr Clegg had turned their once well-liked party with a proud history of honourable and principled service to the country into the most reviled bunch of turncoats the nation has ever seen and who no-one in their right minds would ever consider voting for again, by saying ‘thanks a bunch, Nick‘.


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