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LibDem love for Dear Leader, Nick Jong Il untouched by pariah status.

It’s one of the greatest mysteries of the modern political world.

How a group of people, cut off from the real world, vilified and shunned by everyone – even their closest allies – could still continue to show such unwavering support, devotion even, for a leader whose disastrous rule is responsible for bringing such misery and catastrophe upon them?

Is there some kind of sinister brainwashing at work? Or are these people so cut off from the harsh reality of their miserable existence that they don’t even realise the catastrophe they are facing by continuing with their leader’s policies?

Experts have been trying to unravel the workings of the minds of these mysterious people, as they try to come to terms with an uncertain and bleak future without Nick Jong Il, the man they refer to simply as ‘Dear Leader’.

But the question remains, how will people who have been so harshly regimented and coerced into believing that they are somehow superior to the two other dominant spheres of political influence react when they finally discover they have in fact been cynically tricked into working slavishly just to ensure the preservation of a power hungry ruling elite, whose only interest is their own survival at the expense of the party rank and file?

Will the unparalleled shock of this traumatic political reality make them turn on their leadership and demand freedom from an existence which has seen them go from blind idealistic optimism of a bright and successful future to the depths of despair as they face the demise of everything they have ever known and believed in?

Experts have concluded for some time now that perhaps it will never be known exactly how and why such outwardly normal people could go so blindly and willingly into the sure certainty of their own destruction. As one expert explained:

I have studied the intricacies of the Liberal Democrats for some time, and there many fascinating questions which still remain unanswered. Indeed, when we consider the dramatic changes which lie ahead and realise that events beyond their control will force them to reassess the very fundamentals of their beliefs and the principles which they have based their whole existence on, there is only one thing we can be really sure of.

The Lib Dems are f***ed.


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