Sir Norman Tebbit, known as ‘Lefty Tebbit’ or the ‘Red Knight’ for his extreme left-wing political views, has criticised David Cameron for being too right-wing and in particular government plans to cut legal aid for child victims of medical negligence.

The government in turn has dismissed Lord Tebbit’s suggestions that the cuts are ‘going too far’, saying he is well known as an anti-government activist who regularly pens articles attacking the coalition in radical socialist publications such as the Daily Telegraph.

The Prime Minister, accusing him of ‘scaremongering’, said:

Norman Tebbit’s views are virtually communist compared to mine and as a fully-paid up member of the loony left his extremist socialist opinions will be anathema to most decent British people.

In response to the criticisms, Sir Norman, who became famous in the 1980s for suggesting radical socialist policies such as state provision of bicycles to the unemployed and cricket test matches for children of Asian immigrants, said:

Believe it or not, back in the 80s I was considered to be quite right-wing by some people, so it just shows how extreme the present government’s policies must be.


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