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The government has blasted ‘greedy and spoilt’ child victims of medical negligence for expecting to be  compensated for medical blunders which have left them permanently injured or maimed, at the expense of more needy and deserving victims of the recession, such as struggling Goldman Sachs executives.

A spokesperson for the government explained why they have decided to write off a tax bill of 20 million for Goldman Sachs, while at the same time cutting legal aid for child victims of medical negligence worth 17 million:

It would be irresponsible of the government to allow taxpayers’ money to be spent on spoilt and greedy injured children when the same amount of money could be used to help more deserving people, such as struggling Goldman Sachs executives who may have had to go without their usual massive bonuses this Christmas time.

The government is planning to withdraw the right for legal aid in cases of medical negligence, including children, which means only the wealthiest children will be able to claim compensation if they are injured or maimed due to medical errors.

When it was pointed out that the savings made by withdrawing the right to legal aid for child victims of medical negligence would amount to just 17 million pounds, while tax evasion by large corporations such as Goldman Sachs costs the government as much as 25 billion pounds, the spokesperson explained:

Taxpayers’ money should be targeted to help only the most needy in times of austerity such as this. A sum of 17 million could be used to buy a lot of important necessities, such as a couple of villas on the French Riviera for the most needy banking executives, several Ferraris for hard-up derivatives traders and a lot of champagne lunches for destitute government ministers.


OK. That was the satire.

These are the facts:


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