In an interview, Piers Morgan has strongly denied working as a hack while he worked at The News of The World and The Daily Mirror, claiming he’d only been employed by them as a cleaner. However, he admitted it was “possible” that he might have become a tabloid journalist without his knowledge.

When it was pointed out that his official position was actually Editor of the newspapers, Mr Morgan explained:

I am outraged anyone could think I have been involved in anything as contemptible as being a tabloid hack. As editor I was responsible for mopping the floors, cleaning the toilets and the general editing of the dirt around the office and I will sue anybody who so much as suggests I was involved in tabloid reporting.

Morgan has not only always denied having any knowledge of journalism but he maintains he never even saw any during his time as a cleaner at the British tabloids:

Sometimes I’d look up from my bucket and see some people writing things, but most of the time they were just making the news up so I can quite categorically state that I never saw any activity there of any kind which could in the least bit be described as actual journalism.

Several experts on the hacking scandal have come out in support of Mr Morgan, saying:

There has barely been any trace of any real news in any British tabloid newspapers for decades – these days they’re full of lies, half-truths and tits, so it’s entirely possible Morgan is being honest when he says he never saw anything resembling journalism at the News of The World or The Mirror.


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