In an important speech on standards in politics, David Cameron today denied he didn’t understand the importance of morals when making government economic policy:

It’s absolutely ridiculous to suggest I don’t know what morals are. I’m very much aware that they’re a kind of wild mushroom which go particularly well with scrambled eggs and obviously you have to be extremely rich to be able afford them, like me, so it’s untrue I don’t understand how they relate to the question of income equality.

The Prime Minister also talked about the importance of ethics in politics and explained how they were very important to him personally as a politician:

Ethics? You mean like people who aren’t white? Of course they’re important in politics because the more token non-white minorities there are in the Tory party the less we look like the little-englanders we quite clearly are.

In a wide-ranging speech, Mr Cameron also talked about how keen he was to encourage social mobility when making government policy:

We understand very well the need to make sure there is adequate social mobility in society and that is why we have decided to raise the speed limit on motorways and dual carriageways from 70 mph to 80.

When it was explained to him that by social mobiliity, most people were probably referring to the ease at which people can improve their financial situation through their own merit, the Prime Minister replied:

Don’t be silly. We’re Tories. Everyone knows we only get the top jobs because of the school we went to. If we allowed people to get jobs just because they were competent, most of us would be out of work in no time. Look at Gideon. He clearly didn’t get to be Chancellor because of his abilities, did he?


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