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The Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg, has come out in full support of David Cameron’s decision to withdraw from EU negotiations on the future of the EU with the other 26 members by saying that in his personal experience being totally extraneous to decision making was the best way to exert influence on policy:

Being completely irrelevant has worked very well in my negotiations with my coalition allies. The Prime Minister’s policy of being the only member not around the negotiation table and having completely no input at all will ensure Britain’s interests are met in the most effective way possible.

The Liberal Democrat leader denied he had been sidelined by the decision to be the only country to veto a new treaty and went on to explain that his experience of being in the coalition with the Tories had borne out his theory that being consistently ignored was the best way to make your voice heard:

David Cameron has put enormous pressure on the other EU members during the negotiations by not being there. Very often I’m not in the room at all when decisions are made and I am sure this is why the Liberal Democrats have had such a huge impact on government policy. As anyone can see.


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