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The Home Secretay, Theresa May is under pressure again over accusations immigration controls were relaxed in order to allow two Chinese immigrants into the country.

It is alleged the two immigrants from China, Tian Tian and Yang Guang, who arrived in Edinburgh on Monday, didn’t even have passports even though they were both given ten-year visas to stay. A spokesperson for the Border Control Agency said:

It wouldn’t have been much use even if they did have passports because pandas tend to all look the same to us.

The spokesperson went on to add the decision to allow the immigrants into the country was in line with direct orders from the Home Secretary to relax checks on bears in order to increase surveillance over other more potential threats, such as cats.

Critics have pointed out the two immigrants do not speak English so would not be able to support themselves or get a job. An opposition spokesperson said:

We estimate it will cost as much as 600,000 pounds a year to keep these two scroungers here. It’s an outrage. The government has even admitted they would be encouraging them to increase their family, so I suppose they will be subsidised to do nothing but sit around and eat and drink all day too.

A spokesperson for the Chinese government said:

Our immigration officers have exactly the same problem when white Europeans come to China. You all look the same to us too.


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