The army’s former chief legal adviser in Iraq has accused the Ministry of Defence of moral ambivalence and a cultural resistance to human rights while killing people.

The Lieutenant Colonel, now an Anglican priest, said that in the course of his job to protect the dignity of human beings while they were being shot, stabbed or blown up, the MoD repeatedly ignored the human rights of the people it was immolating and bombing into submission.

He also described MoD officials as being cavalier and high-handed when he tried to warn them that Iraqis were regularly being belittled and patronised while they were being slaughtered.

A spokesperson for the Ministry of Defence defended themselves against the accusations, saying:

At no time has the Ministry of Defence allowed people’s human rights to be ignored while we are in the process of either maiming, injuring or putting them to death. It is wrong to suggest that the military is in any way morally ambivalent when it comes to mass slaughter. Everyone we kill is treated with the upmost respect.


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