During a grilling by MPs in the House of Commons about what he knew of the hacking scandal, James Murdoch Chief Executive of News International confirmed he doesn’t know anything at all about anything:

I’m pretty ignorant about most things. And an important qualification for running a large company is the ability to remain as ignorant as possible about everything. As CEO, obviously I don’t do anything and I don’t know anything. That’s the job. And I’m very good at it.

When asked by Tom Watson, the Labour Chair of the commitee, whether he was aware that journalists at the Sun were also involved in phone hacking, Mr Murdoch replied;

What’s the Sun?

On being informed that the Sun is Britain’s best-selling newspaper, Mr Murdoch replied:

Well if it’s one of ours I don’t know anything about it.

Mr Murdoch was also pressed by other members of the committee whether it was possible Rupert Murdoch knew something about the scandal, but he defended himself by claiming he didn’t know who Rupert Murdoch was. When it was explained to him that Rupert Murdoch was his father, Mr Murdoch said:

That’s an allegation I can neither confirm or deny.

Mr Murdoch was also asked why, if hacking was so widespread in the company he heads, he seemed to be the only person at News International who was not aware of it. He replied:

No-one likes me, they only tolerate me because I’m the boss, so nobody talks to me about anything. Besides, that’s exactly what the shareholders pay me for. To not know anything about anything – especially in times of company crisis like this.


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