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Actually, this isn’t a satirical comment.

It’s a serious opinion (well it’s The Daily Mail’s so it’s an opinion at least).

But it got me thinking about which other great leaders we could compare our present great party leaders to.

Here are my suggestions. I’d love to hear yours.

David Cameron 

The Roman Emperor ClaudiusAn aristocrat who the population thought would be a harmless ruler but turned out to be just as ruthless as his predecessors. Under his rule, the subjugation of the British began.

Nick Clegg 

Captain E.J. Smith of the Titanic. He didn’t think his ship would sink either, despite all the warnings. Mind you, he went down with the vessel so maybe Joseph Bruce Ismay, the chairman and managing director of the ship’s owners the White Star Line would be a better comparison as he survived the sinking and went on to have a distinguished career despite the disaster.

Ed Miliband

Margaret Thatcher. When she became leader, everyone thought the party couldn’t win with a leader like that either. She also had a sibling – also 4 years older – who she didn’t consider to be her rival in politics either.

Alex Salmond

Another Roman emperor, this time Hadrian of course. Very similar ambitions if you think about it, except Salmond would like to keep the philistines from encroaching on civilisation from the other side of his wall to Hadrian.

Nick Griffin

Griffin wants to be the leader of a proud, great and pure Britain, one which is not afraid to stand up to other powers and is independent, strong and respected by the rest of the world. Therefore, I nominate the Dalai Lama because he wants to be the leader of a country which doesn’t exist either.


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