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The government’s policy of ‘nudging’ food manufacturers to make food healthier rather than forcing them by legislation or other means is to be extended to nodding and winking, the Health Secretary Andrew Lansley has announced.

When announcing the extension of the policy, whereby fast food firms and drinks makers such as Mcdonalds help shape the coalition’s approach to public health, and thus avoid being subjected to further legislation, in return for changes such as cutting salt in food, Mr Lansley said:

We are keen to extend our original nudging policy with a couple of winks and a nod. The ‘winking’ will mean the firms will be able to ‘advise’ the government on matters which affect them and the government will do its best to push the legislation through on a ‘nod’. Nodding and winking are the natural progressions from our present policy of nudging.

The government has also announced they are looking to extend the nudging, winking and nodding to other areas of government policy such as the environment, where oil companies will be able to avoid legislation designed to protect the environment with a quick nod from a government minister, to the NHS, where foreign private health care conglomerations will be able to take over the running of hospitals and clinics on another wink and a nod.

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