Regarding the massive pay rises by the FTSE top 100 bosses, many of whom have argued they must be given huge financial incentives so they don’t relocate abroad.

Just one question. Where will they go? Executives in the US and other developed countries are facing exactly the same questioning of their irresponsible greed as in the UK. So where are they going to relocate to? Mars?

Maybe a third world country with very little oversee of corporate activity. How about Afghanistan? Sure they won’t question you how much you pay yourself but in Kabul but there might be some other disadvantages to relocating to a place like that.

But actually, now I think about it, I’m wrong. It’s absolutely essential that the UK is able to compete and retain a competitive edge at an international level when it comes to attracting the greediest, most grasping and the most unscrupulous executives.

So Mr Fat-Cat, don’t go, we beg you, please, please, please stay, we need you, don’t leave us, what will we do without you, you HAVE to stay, we’re on our knees begging, stay please please PLEASE stay……..

….oh alright …..fuck off then.

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