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The government has branded as ‘ridiculous’ the idea that the 12% drop in university applications was caused by the tripling of tuition fees:

The drop is nothing to do with students having to fork out three times as much for their tuition. It’s clear that the drop was caused by the Royal Wedding taking place in April – distracting students who should have been studying.  Another important factor was the unusually warm weather at around the same time, which meant students were too busy eating ice-creams to prepare for their university entrance exams.

The government has also blamed the warm weather for weak economic data and growth forecasts, as well as a rise in crime figures:

Everyone knows shoppers and criminals prefer to operate in warm weather. Ask yourself, if you had to roam the streets looking for innocent passers-by to mug or homes to burgle – wouldn’t you rather do it in clement atmospheric conditions rather than the rainy, foul weather we normally have to endure in April?

The Home Secretary, Theresa May has also denied cuts in policing were to blame for the recent rise in violent crime figures and has blamed irresponsible cat ownership instead, saying:

The government is determined to reduce possession of cats or other offensive pets. Cats can be vicious creatures – not at all gentle and friendly like dogs. It’s bound to rub off on the owners. A cornerstone of the government’s drive to fight crime will be to discourage possession of cats and increase the take-up of other pets instead, such as dogs, hamsters and goldfish.

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