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David Cameron has blamed the previous Labour administration and in particular Gordon Brown for the “environmental mess we inherited” when he came to power:

When Gordon Brown left number 10, he left behind an unbelievably huge mess which we have now only started to clean up, with the help of a large number of bin bags and a very effective dustpan and brush. It was also probably Gordon Brown’s lack of environmental awareness which caused the massive pile of used pizza boxes we found in the kitchen. Gordon Brown has single handedly caused the deterioration of our living environment since our party was last in charge of Downing Street.

Experts are mostly united in blaming the destruction of the environment on human activity, although few are prepared to blame Mr Brown directly for the ecological crisis:

Most studies have shown it is human activity which has caused the recent increase in pollution and global temperatures but there is not enough evidence to pin the blame on one individual Scotsman alone.

A spokesperson for Mr Brown said:

It doesn’t surprise us they’re trying to pin the blame on him for global warming. They’ve tried to blame him for everything else.


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