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With Adam Werrity back in the news again, this time for finding dodgy businessman to donate money to the Tory party, the Prime Minister, David Cameron, has denied he ever met Adam Werritty, even though he attended Liam Fox’s wedding where Werritty was supposedly best man. In a statement, the Prime Minister said:

It’s a lie. We didn’t meet at the wedding. When I was supposed to shake hands with him I hid behind a plant pot. And when he told me his name I made sure I forgot it immediately. So I don’t know him. In fact, who is this Werritty?

A Downing Street spokesman said:

Both the Ministry of Defence and the Foreign Office have no records of any ministerial meetings with Adam Werritty. The Prime Minister’s Office not only do not have any record of him attending any meetings in Downing Street, they have no records of him at all. In fact, he probably doesn’t exist and is just an imaginary friend of Dr Fox. Tory MPs very often have imaginary friends because they have problems finding real friends. Most people who want to get to know them are just on the make. Werritty wasn’t on the make though. Because he doesn’t exist.

The spokesman also confirmed that Jonathan Djanogly probably doesn’t exist either and that the government was becoming increasingly unsure about Theresa May’s existence.

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