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Katrina Zatonerasankov, the young Russian woman researcher  accused of having a 4-year affair with Liberal Democrat MP Mick Hancock, has spoken out against a court ruling that she is not a Russian spy. Announcing her intention to appeal the court decision, she said:

I was only doing my job. I’m outraged the court could believe I was doing it for pleasure. He’s 65 and looks like a tramp. I’m 26 and gorgeous. Why else would someone like me sleep with someone like him?

When told she could have faced a prison sentence and been deported if the court had decided she was spying for the Russians, she still denied she wasn’t doing it for the money:

Have you seen him? You don’t think I want to go through life with everyone thinking I actually fancied him, do you?

Miss Zatonerasankov and the MP, a member of the defence select committee, both admit they had an affair over a four year period.

Mr Hancock told the court there was nothing more to his relationship with his young researcher other than the traditional foreign spy – British politician one:

Disgusting suggestions Katrina was doing this for any reason other than to gain access to secret information are ridiculous and unfounded.


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