More than 400 senior doctors and public health experts are calling on the House of Lords to scrap the government, saying it does “irreparable harm to individuals and to society as a whole”.

The Lords are due to vote on Wednesday whether to reject or amend the government, with one minister warning that the vote could have “grave implications” for the government and could kill it off.

Experts have expressed real doubts about the government and say it could be harmful to public health. There is thought to be considerable support in the House of Lords as well as among the general public for outright rejection of the government rather than just amending it.

One Lord said;

There is a feeling the whole government is harmful and we need to express our position in the strongest terms. I think there was a feeling the forthcoming reading in the House of Lords is the last chance of minimising the harm and damage that the government is wreaking.

One of the organisers of the letter, a consultant in public health medicine at a primary care trust, said he was surprised at the number of health professionals prepared to sign the petition.

The government is definitely harmful to people’s health. MPs are simply not competent enough to decide on anything. I think if we had continued to collect signatures, I’m quite sure we would have collected another 200. It is having a snowball effect. I think the feeling is incredibly strong.

The Labour leader, Ed Miliband, has urged the government to “junk” itself, saying giving more powers to MPs would be madness.

“I know,” he said. “My brother is one.”