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In a surprise turnaround, David Cameron has announced he is against Fox hunting.

The Prime Minister, who once famously said Fox hunting was one of the issues that made him furious, has announced it is now official government policy to attempt to wipe out the practice of Fox hunting for good.

The Fox (Liammus Heteromanlius) has been hunted almost to extinction lately and the Tories are worried it might disappear from the British landscape forever.

To illustrate how widespread the change of heart in the Tory party is, a group called ‘Conservatives Against Fox Hunting‘ has been formed, and a new breed of Tory MPs who call themselves The Blue Foxes are also against Fox hunting.

In an even stranger turnaround, Labour MPs in particular seem to have taken a newfound delight in Fox hunting and so many members of the public have been taking part in the activity that it could now be said to have become a national sport.